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Charlotte Contra Dancers 
COVID-19 Policy


Charlotte Contra Dancers prioritizes the health and safety of our dancers and community. In accordance with federal, state, and local guidelines, we have instituted the following policies to help transition back to dancing as safely as possible.

1. We request no person attend who has had close contact with, symptoms of, or tested positive for COVID-19 within the preceding 10 days.

2. We ask that all attendees, including dancers and non-dancers, provide their name and contact information when entering the dance.

3. We request that any dancer who shows symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 within the 10 days following a dance contact the board to notify them of this.

Charlotte Contra Dancers understands the unique situation and circumstances of each community member and emphasizes personal responsibility during this transition back to dancing.

  • Dancers are free to make their own decisions regarding vaccinations and masks, but neither are required to attend our dances.

  • If you do choose to wear a mask, we support that without judgement.

These policies will continue to be updated in accordance with evolving public health data, expert recommendations and all applicable laws and restrictions.

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